Why use the Patient Portal?

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Written by Kimberly

January 7, 2020

There are so many great reasons to use a Patient portal, which are offered as a tool to communicate with many providers through your doctors office. The Patient portal has because a really wonderful option for those that are willing to take on a new interface and learn the tricks to improve your relationships with those you’ve entrusted with your healthcare.

Here are some of the many reasons it’s helpful to utilize the patient portal:

  • Patient portals can minimize time between your question and getting the answers that you need to continue in better health. By using the portal to message a provider, they can easily return your message via their nursing staff or even personally, much faster then they can return your call.
  • Lab work, Radiology results, Clinic notes and even current vitals can all be found on the portal! Many times this information is printable and can be added to any binder for future reference. Pulling these records off the patient portal will save many days of waiting for a Medical Records office to receive your request and then complete the task in order to mail your information.
  • You can view upcoming appointments on the Patient Portal! Sometimes leaving the office can be quick and stressful and it’s difficult to remember to write down your follow up visits with the doctor. If you have a portal, those dates can be viewed easily and you can make sure to be prepared for the next time you meet with the provider.
  • Pharmacy refills can also be done on the portal! Many times refills run out before we can remember to fill them. Our pharmacists to a lovely job of contacting the doctors office but this doesn’t always achieve the desired outcome. Having a portal means sending this request in conjunction with your pharmacy instead of having to push multiple buttons on an automated system just to get the medicine you need!

All of these amazing tools are right at your fingertips! Call your provider today and ask about setting up a patient portal. Just don’t forget to write down your usernames and passwords 🙂

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