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Many times we find ourselves in a place where we need important information quickly. This information can come in many forms but the need to access it in a hurry can be stressful. What if that stress could be eliminated by utilizing one simple binder that saved a place for all the most necessary items? The Life binder solves this problem!

Life Binder FAQ

Who is a Life Binder for?

The life binder is for anyone who wants to keep important items and files organized in a place they or their loved ones can find them easily, includingf amilies that would like to be able to pass on pertinent info to their adult children, adult children that care for their aging parents, single parents, Newlyweds or young married couples.

What is included?

The Life Binder is a safe, organized space to store everything from a Marriage License and Death Certificate, tables that outline outstanding debt, Username and Password templates, Emergency contacts, Household Maintenance schedules, a spot for secret family recipes and much more. This binder is meant for any family that would love to get all their documentation in one place!


How is it used?

This binder can be used for any purpose, but it is specifically useful in times of stress or emergency. When you are grieving or experiencing a higher than normal amount of stress, the inability to find necessary papers can add to your dismay. It is also useful for passing along important information to family members.

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