Medical Binders

This organizational system was created to help individuals and caregivers manage an overwhelming amount of health documentation via well laid out sections and changeable templates.

Medical Binder FAQ

Who is it for?

 This binder is for individuals and caregivers with complex medical needs who must juggle an overwhelming amount of medical documentation.

What is included?

You’ll find the following included in each medical binder:

  • Well laid out sections
  • Changeable templates
  • Tabs such as Health Summary, Lab work, Evaluations, Clinic Notes and much more
  • Business card holder
  • Zipper file for imaging CDs
  • 6 blank templates

How is it used?

Sometimes the 3 lines on a physician’s form are not enough to contain a complex medical history. Perhaps you or your loved one take more medication than can fit on a standard intake form. Simply present this binder to the provider to make sure no information is left out. They can make copies for their files and then return to you. This is the hub for all your medical information so you or your provider do not omit important information.

Kimberly made a medical binder for us that honestly saved us so many times. We are in the process of adoption and our son is medically fragile so we have several things we need to keep with us at all times. While on vacation in TN he has a seizure. Very quickly we were able to turn to the pages the EMS crew, registration, and hospital staff needed. This saved several minutes and took lots of stress off myself and my husband needing to look up and remember important information. Everyone we have talked to has mentioned how nice our binder is and how it would be nice for everyone with a medically fragile child to have one. It stays with us at all times and as his information grows his binder grows. We are so glad Kim decided to share her knowledge of these binders.

Scott and Melissa

The Medical Binder that Kimberly put together for me has been extremely helpful! Having to deal with multiple chronic medical issues, numerous medical professionals & clinics can produce large amounts of records. Being able to keep these records contained in an organized binder has reduced my stress level many times. It is very helpful when communicating with doctors, insurance, clinics, etc to be able to quickly & efficiently find records. I highly recommend this system & Organized Advocacy LLC to anyone!!

Carol S.

We got the medical binder and it has been a godsend. I take it to all appointments and if they have questions and they usually do I just pull out the binder , go to the section and show them the info easypeasy. We love it and are thinking about getting one for IEP. Love Kimberly… she walked me thru the whole book. Awesome experience. Everyone who has a special needs child, or really anyone should purchase this. It is a game changer love love love it!

Audrey O.

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