Military Binders

When our soldiers are discharged from service, they are given a large envelope with all their documents and just told to “hold on to it” for when it’s needed. So why not put it all together in an easy to use binder system so it’s accessible when needed?

Military Binder FAQ

Who is it for?

Perhaps some of our most deserving but under served population is our veterans. While many of them are able to receive care at our local VA, many struggle to find the care they need and this is only made more difficult when important paperwork that outlines their military benefit’s is imperative their receiving treatment.

What is included?

You’ll find the following included in each military binder:

  • all the medical templates included in theĀ medical binder
  • space for:
    • Veteran benefits
    • discharge paperwork that is essential to accessing health benefits
    • education benefits
    • housing benefits

How is it used?

Use this binder to organize all necessary documentation. The user can bring it to medical appointments and any other place where the information may be needed.

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