Senior Binders

Caregivers for our aging in the community often have a huge responsibility to keep medication lists, provider contact information and medical history in order for appointments. The Organized Advocacy Senior binder does just that while also accounting for the legal documentation that is necessary when taking care of a loved one during the sunset of their life.

Senior Binder FAQ

Who is it for?

This binder is for caregivers of senior citizens to keep track of necessary medical and legal documentation.

What is included?

You’ll find the following included in each senior binder:

  • Template for DME equipment lists
  • Added pharmacy space for compounding or mail order
  • Therapy evaluations
  • Legal documentation section with space for the Advance Directives (Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will, etc.), DNR letter and even hospice contracts if appropriate

How is it used?

Caring for an aging loved one is physically and emotionally exhausting. When you add all the doctor visits, evaluations, and legal paperwork, things can get overwhelming quickly. With this binder in hand, caregivers can rest assured that they will leave out no detail when communicating with medical and legal professionals.

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