How it All Began

Kimberly Hassmer sitting at Organized Advocacy table sharing about Medical Binders

Written by Kimberly

November 20, 2019

Many of you know my story, but for those of you that don’t, here’s the shortened version.

In the Early Days

I have a teaching degree from VCU. I taught in the classroom for 8 years before I had my son Blake and then had to quickly leave the profession because his health issues made it impossible for me to return to work.

After 4 long years of doctors appointments, more questions than answers and far more medical records than one little person should have, I chose to create a binder for him to better organize what was important and what needed to follow us to providers offices.

Next Steps

After creating this binder and realizing how much satisfaction came in getting rid of unnecessary documentation, I felt like maybe it would benefit other families to learn this too. This idea, coupled with my love of teacher supplies (old habits die hard) wound up landing me a volunteer opportunity in the NICU and PICU at VCU working with families of medically complicated kiddos.

When a year of teaching at the local hospital came and went, I decided to take this show on the road and turn my passion and empathy for others into a business.

Here I am 18 months later and I could not be more thrilled with the direction that life has sent me. We have had obstacles and difficulties but I’m so grateful for the chance to bless others through Organized Advocacy!

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